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Fruchtige Erdbeer-Mango-Bowle mit Basilikum

Rote Erdbeeren, gelbe Mango und grüne Limette – was kann es besseres in einem fruchtigen Sommer-Drink geben?! Süß und erfrischend lassen sich die die bunten Früchtchen in der exotischen Weißwein-Bowle treiben und genießen den Sommer.

DIY Garden Yard Art

When growing your own lawn yard art, recycled and up cycled materials can be the right location to start. If you want a creative manner to show off your potted plant life or plant life, locate an old wooden chair. Paint it the use of bright colorations that compliment the flowers, and you-ve an eye catching potted plant display.

For a whimsical touch, drag out that vintage wood wagon that has been sitting within the garage collecting rust. You can add some paint if you definitely have to, but the true beauty lies in its vintage look. Find a gap in your lawn and add a number of the potted flowers you want to make sure all of us notices, and you-ve got an instantaneous exhibit for those beautiful flora you labored so hard on.

The exceptional part of recycled yard art is the capacity to create a unique space that is all your personal. If you want to create a theme based lawn, look around and locate matters that suit your theme. You can use sculptures of cats mixed with cattails for a feline inspired haven, or you could use vintage farm system for a down on the farm feel. Just area your decorations where you want and add flowers and shrubs round them to create thrilling focal pieces.

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